A quick trip to Hopa, Turkey.

Well we finally made it to the bazaar in Hopa, Turkey.  Everyone here said we needed to go because things were so cheap.  We were not impressed.  First snag… Turkey is 2 hours behind Georgia so when we crossed the boarder at 9 AM Georgia time it was only 7 AM in Turkey. When we arrived in Hopa, just 20 minutes away, we found ourselves having to wait for the stores to open.  It would have been great if the weather was just a little warmer.  We did a lot of walking, looking through many shops but not really seeing anything we wanted to buy.  As here in the Georgian bazaars there were many small shops filled with clothes, shoes, and household items.  Where to find the bargains was the second snag.  After spending several hours walking around with our host brother (Aleko) we boarded a mini bus and went to a more conventional shopping mall where we did finally purchase a few mementos from our trip.  Here are a few pictures of this little excursion.


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2 thoughts on “A quick trip to Hopa, Turkey.

  1. Julie MacGregor

    Loved see your trip to Turkey! The flowers were amazing, and the Coke – too funny. I liked the last slide best of all!

  2. Gina

    Looks a little like Englishtown, NJ where we went to that huge flea market. Glad you enjoyed a treat.


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