COS (Close of Service) Conference

Just like the title suggests, we spent March 13th and 14th at a conference in Tbilisi, Georgia with our fellow G12 Volunteers learning what it takes to complete our service.  We may be heading down the home stretch but getting there is filled with almost more paperwork  than the application process and many, many goodbyes. This was the last official gathering of our group and for some it was also the last time we would see them before heading home.

Many of the conference sessions were geared towards looking for jobs after service.  Other sessions dealt with all the forms that needed to be completed, health coverage after service and traveling. We presented the last session which dealt with the need to bring closure to our work and say goodbye to our friends, host families and colleagues.

The conference concluded with a formal reception which included the Georgian Deputy Minister of Education and the US Ambassador.   Our Country Director started the event with a few special remarks about our group which was followed by some thoughts by two of our PC friends.  There were thankful remarks from the Georgian Minister of Education. The Ambassador, who had just arrived from a trip to the US, could not say enough about his gratitude for our service.  The evening concluded with a delicious Georgian meal at a local restaurant where we celebrated with a “homemade” piñata and humorous awards.

Before leaving Tbilisi, we headed off on Saturday night to what we thought was a dinner with a good friend.  We arrived at the restaurant to be greeted with “Surprise”.  Rachel, with help from Elizabeth, had arranged this event to celebrate Suzanne’s 70th birthday and our 45th wedding anniversary.  There were about 25 volunteers who joined in the party and some of the pictures below will showcase them.  It was an awesome evening!

We conclude with a picture gallery of conference events:

Followed by pictures from our surprise dinner:

For a lot more photos go to this link:

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3 thoughts on “COS (Close of Service) Conference

  1. Marcella M.Missar

    You have your certificates to prove that YOU DID IT!
    You ,Suz and Tom, are one of the WONDERS of our families.
    Will see you in America… a couple of months!
    Love,prayers and admiration,
    Aunt Marcie

  2. Betty Souza

    What great pics of you and your friends! Also of those at the COS Conference. We are all looking forward to seeing you soon!

  3. David and Linda

    Wow, Tom and Suzanne! What an amazing accomplishment!!! Congratulations to you both! The time, now, will probably fly as you near your end-date. Enjoy your remaining time, and we’ll see you soon. David and Linda

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