Spring is in the air.

There is a song entitled “Spring is in the air” which goes like this:

Winter’s gone away,
Spring is in the air!
Winter’s gone away,
Spring is in the air!
Winter’s gone away,
Spring is in the air!
Winter’s gone, let’s go outside, it is spring!

Flowers start to grow,
Spring is in the air!
Flowers start to grow,
Spring is in the air!
Flowers start to grow,
Spring is in the air!
Flowers grow, no more snow, it is spring!

Warm and sunny days,
Spring is in the air!
Warm and sunny days,
Spring is in the air!
Warm and sunny days,
Spring is in the air!
Warm days, sun’s rays, spring is here!


And that is what it is like here in the village of Gonio, Adjara, Georgia.

The weather is a mixture of warm and cool days and chilly nights but you can tell that the seasons are a changing.  The days are growing longer and the young frogs in the ponds nearby are growing louder.

Not much has happened since the excitement of Suzanne’s ambulance ride to Tbilisi followed by her appendectomy, I am back at Young Scientists Union “Intellect” and she is back at Batumi School #30.

It’s hard to believe Easter is only 12 days away, where has Lent gone?  Not sure how we will celebrate here, next Sunday we will see about attending Palm Sunday services and get the information about the Easter services.  For Georgians, Easter is May 5th and May 6th, Easter Monday is a holiday.

But this is not to say everything had been quite.  For the English teachers, the regional English writing competition was held.  This was an interesting exercise as kids from grades 9 thru 12 got to participate.  We met at Batumi School #2 and divided the contenders up by class, explained the rules – they had one hour to write their essay – then gave them the topics.   Each class level had two prompts, i.e. a sentence which gave the information on what to write.  Those participating chose one of the two prompts and began their task.  From the regional competition, several will be selected to participate in the country competition.  Good luck to all who came.

After this event we were invited to help moderate the college version of the same competition which was scheduled for the following week.  The same rules applied but the topics were much different.  We will know more about the winners in a few days.

This period also saw the G11s, those volunteers who came the year before us, attend their COS (Close of Service) conference.  It’s at this meeting all the paperwork, yes there is more, that needs to be completed before leaving one’s assignment and heading home is handed out.  Volunteers also get to choose their departure day and when they can get the last medical tests.  Some volunteers go directly home while others make plans to travel as part of their route back to the states.  They also share stories, listen to speeches by various dignitaries and generally have a good time as it is most likely the last time many will see each other for a long time.

What this all means is that in a few short months we will be the “old” group, the seniors.  This also signals that the new group, the G13s, will soon be arriving.  That date is April 23, 2013.  Two of the members of the incoming group are my მეგობარები, that’s friends in Georgian, and  I have been exchanging emails with them answering any questions they might have and sending them information about what to expect when they arrive and for the first 3 months.  All very interesting.   I hope to travel to Tbilisi on the 23rd and meet them at the airport when they arrive.

March is a busy month here for birthdays.  Not only did our host mother celebrate her birthday, but also Suzanne, Aleko and Eliso.  Happy birthday to them all.

Well that about all there is for now so I will end by wishing you all a happy spring and happy Easter.

Best wishes from the lovely country of Georgia.

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3 thoughts on “Spring is in the air.

  1. Marilyn Tomasik

    Wow, what a fast year. Suzanne, I did think of your birthday for a change, but couldn’t find an e-mail, as apparently I deleted it accidentlly.
    I have made the poor financial decision to retire at the end of June. Good mental decision, but bad financial, as we are less than prepared and have many payments to make out of minimal funds. But my head needed to retire. Tom will continue to work, and we will probably have to sell the house and move to Heather Gardens in the coming months/year???/ Not sure. All the AARP articles assure me we are NOT prepared.
    I talked to Dawne last month. She was going to call and we’d do lunch, but haven’t heard back from her. They did move, and love their townhouse. New, close to Lowry or Kaiser on Alameda, not sure which. It’s part of the Lowry development, but I can’t quite figure out the side streets. Sounds like they are both doing well physically after several terrible years. They were going to see either Joy, or her sister in AZ, not sure which.and would be back soon.
    We have days of snow, and days of sun. Aurora, Denver etc are on 2 day’s week water restrictions. We got a new front lawn last year. So much for that.
    We are going on a cruise with Patrick and wife at the end of April, to the Carribean. My probably only trip out of the country. Looking forward to it. Hope you are enjoying your excellent adventure! Sounds like you are. Hope the “kids” are all fine, and a Happy Easter to you also.
    Love Marilyn

  2. Sarah Kelzenberg

    We love to hear all that is happening there. Amazing that you will soon the the “seniors” and have only one year left. What an amazing experience it has been and now so many more to come.

    Spring in the desert is so lovely. We have bright green, young leaves on the deciduous trees, which only lost their leaves around January. Often we can see huge masses of wildflowers on hillsides or on peoples’ gravel yards. I tried to plant them one year, but the contained spot I have for them is too shady. Soon the cacti will begin to bloom….always astonishing. Unfortunately 4 nights of frost decimated some of the cacti – in our case, two varieties of prickly pear. A friend nearby has an incredible hummingbird nest in a citrus tree in her yard. She has never seen it before, but this year the leaves on the tree were frozen out and she gets the privilege of enjoying the sight of such a little baby. I’m going to see it this afternoon.

    I’m on the planning committee for our Maryknoll group’s 50th reunion, which will be in April. What a joy it will be to hang out together at the Motherhouse in Ossining, NY, and to renew old acquaintances. The main event will be a panel of our peers speaking about where their spiritual journey has taken them, followed by break-out groups led by each panelist. The range of speakers is from traditional Catholic to Native American Shaman. In between are an Atheist, a Protestant minister, a Buddhist, and several other “hybrids”. I get to be the facilitator. Should bring about some wonderful mew connections.

    Kelz & I went to San Diego a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my 70th. Our favorite place was the Zoo,but everything was so interesting and fun.

    Take care, you guys!

  3. Linda and David

    Wow, Suzanne! The happiest of birthdays to you (though it appears that we are a little late). You had much to celebrate, and we hope it was happy. We know Spring is on its way here because little weeds are starting to pop up – time to get out into the garden! Happy Easter!!! Linda and David

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