Dear Family and Friends.

As we sit here this December 31st, 2012 Christmas music plays on the iPad and gifts are being wrapped. This isn’t as strange as it sounds, 0ur traditional Christmas day has passed but here in Georgia the orthodox Christmas, January 7th, is fast apporaching.  Gift sharing is done not on Christmas day but on New Year’s eve.  It feels strange, because as you walk the streets of Batumi or go to the bazaars you will see christmas tree vendors hard at work while others shops have mounds of trimmings still for sale.  This is an especially happy time for Suzanne as she really loves Christmas and to have two so close together has put her in christmas heaven!

This is a short post to our blog.  We just wanted to share our heart felt wish of a very blessed and happy new year for you all.

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  1. Michelle Krawchik

    Merry Christmas to you both. I am glad to hear that the Christmas Spirit has taken hold!! I know you are not home but enjoy your new surrounding and friends. We will toast you tonight at the Jamison’s. Soon you will be off to the warm climate for a little R&R! Happy New Year!!

  2. H.M Hurt

    Suzanne and Tom – Am glad to hear from you. Happy New Year and Christmas on the 7th! And many many blessings for your time in Georgia. I miss you and so look forward to these blog entries. It is New Year’s Eve here though you are probably already into 2013 as I write. We have Don’s birthday to celebrate today and hope for new beginnings in many areas of our life and the life of God’s people on earth. Love – hm

  3. Gina

    Happy New Year! I’m sure this year will hold many more new adventures.

  4. Jean and Brian

    Glad you are enjoying the season! Hard to believe 2013 is here! We are thinking of you too and wishing you all the best for the New Year. Funny we think about Christmas for so long and then it seems to be over so quickly. We miss you and think of you often.
    Jean and Brian

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