Surf’s Up!

Just a quick post for those thinking about surfing. We had several rainy days this past week and the Black Sea was really heavy almost like the Atlantic Ocean. I took a couple of pictures and a short video clip to share with you.

Rough seas today.

Stormy Weather at the beach.

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6 thoughts on “Surf’s Up!

  1. Marilyn Tomasik

    Being close to AN OCEAN appears magical to some of us.
    My email had changed slightly.See below. Old one still coming but new is without “@ Dora”. Eventually I won’t be able to see at the old e-mail and do like to hear about your days.

    • Betty

      It does look like ocean waves. The surfers and boards are missing. Just home from Hawaii and saw plenty of Pacific waves that look like this. That is how the stones get polished smooth.

  2. Sarah Kelzenberg

    This looks like a beautiful and powerful sea. I’m sure you must just love hanging around it whenever you get a chance. Storms over water ARE amazing!

    Didn’t see a video clip.

  3. Sarah Kelzenberg

    Figured out which was a video clip. I loved the motion and the sound! Thanks for sending.

  4. Dan Montoya

    Not much of a beach, which I guess you’ve already said. Water looks cold, is it? We sure
    miss you guys, especially now at the holidays.
    MPB is just not the same on Sundays without
    You. Continue God’s work, stay positive and receive our best wishes and prayers.


    Dan and Patty

  5. Margie

    Enjoyed the pictures of the Black Sea – Hope all is going great. I also liked the pictures and video of
    the rooster – reminded me of being on the farm. Gina’s husband John is going home on thursday. Hope it won’t be too much for her as he thinks he is in Hungary. Take care, Margie

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