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Surf’s Up!

Just a quick post for those thinking about surfing. We had several rainy days this past week and the Black Sea was really heavy almost like the Atlantic Ocean. I took a couple of pictures and a short video clip to share with you.

Rough seas today.

Stormy Weather at the beach.

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41.56853, 41.57322

The coordinates above are for our house in Gonio.  Copy them to Google Maps and you will see the roof of the house.  I thought this would be a good time to show you our living quarters, modest as they are.  So the pictures here are from different spots and covers those rooms which we usually use.

First, here is the front of the house,  The host family lives on the first floor, we live in a roon on the second floor.

Our two story guest house.

Here are several pictures of the guest rooms on the second floor.

The large common room for the three guest rooms.

Our room is on the second floor, but off from the other guest rooms.

This view is from the porch looking into our room.

Our hunble room. Small but we are making it a place to live.

A quick shot of the bathroom. See we don’t have to squat.

Now some views of  other parts of our location.

This is the way we go down to the lower floor. Can you believe we woke up one morning and the cow was standing at the bottom of the stairs?

A view of our upstairs porch.

From the upstairs porch, laundry hanging over the yard.

A side area where we can hang close. There is a upstairs kitchen to the letf which we could use if we wanted.

We do somethings in the kitchen.

Suzanne at the kitchen stove with a big pot of grapes.

Tom boiling milk for our breakfast cereal.

Besides cows, we also have other visitors on the porch:

Every so often the chickens come to visit, just like the cow.

And just to give you a feeling of our mornings play this video.

Hope this was interesting for you.  Stay tuned for the next update.

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