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Life in Gonio

After 3 weeks in Gonio we have visited almost every magazia and walked most of the roads to gain a sense of our new community.  People live in the most unusual places where you don’t think there is a home.  If you follow the cows that roam the roads every day you will find most of these places.

The cows come out in the morning and walk wherever they please.  Sometimes this is annoying to the drivers as they like to stand in the middle of the road.  Hitting a cow is a costly expense as they are considered someone’s income.  You will pass them walking by themself, with their family or in herds.  The other part of this phenomenon is that you always watch exactly where you are walking!

Each morning Tom goes to the main road to catch a bus into Batumi where, during August, he is working a short day.  Georgia is like most of Europe.  In the month of August many things just stop.  Everyone is on holiday.  Schools are closed and classes don’t start until Sept. 15th.  I do have some things to do until then (preparation and a “english camp”) but I have a lot of time for myself right now.  It’s glorious after our 3 months of stress-filled days to be able to read a book or take a walk.  We also are currently looking for a tutor to continue our language study.  The Peace Corps has a definite level they want us to achieve.  Some volunteers have made it already but we have not. So they will pay for us to have a tutor several times a week until the next testing date in November.

We go down to the beach for walks or to just sit and relax a bit or maybe eat an ice cream that we buy on the way.  We haven’t ventured into the water.  Unlike the ocean, the drop once you wade in is very quick to maybe 2 feet or so.  Little ones are always with adults and most have some sort of floating device around thier bodies.  The water is a bit warmer than the ocean water although it’s been awhile since I experienced that.  No sand as I think we’ve mentioned but the stones are really beautiful and not difficult to walk on.  This is a resort area for Georgians and there are many families here now.

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