You are all invited!

Official Peace Corps Swearing in Ceremony Invitation.

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13 thoughts on “You are all invited!

  1. Helen Marie Hurt

    Congratulations, Tom and Suzanne!! We are so proud of you! Love and prayers. hm

  2. Lori Kinney

    Congratulations! Your hard work is paying off. Now, the real fun begins! Dobro Dan:)
    Lori Fabac Kinney

  3. Marilyn Tomasik

    Congratulations! I admire the tenancity. I couldn’t have done it. The language alone. . .
    You are a blessing to the people you serve. Love, Marilyn

  4. Mary

    Regrets, I would love to come and celebrate with you on your wonderful accomplishments, but sadly I am already booked on the 20th. Raincheck on your return? You two are truly amazing!

  5. Cathy

    Congratulations – I will be there in spirit. Love and miss you!

  6. Marcella m Missar

    Congratulations!!! ML and I are so proud of you. We COMIN’ OVER (in Spirit)
    What a gift you are to our family for giving of yourselves this way.!Schriver is looking upon you with gratitude!

  7. Wanda

    Congratulations!! It had to be very hard work not only learning a new language but everting else that this position entailed. I’m very proud of you and Tom

  8. Dan & Patty

    We are so proud of you. You have the courage to follow your dream. In helping yourself, you help others and we at SOH are also nourished. Thank you dear friends, in advance, for your service..

    Love and continued prayers,

    Dan & Patty

  9. Gina

    I’m thinking that is 4 AM our time. Oh dear!!! Can you make a video?
    We are all so proud of you.

    Love, Gina

  10. Betty

    Celebrate and Dance! You have made it! All the hard work has paid off. Gina’s idea of a video is great – or at least pics to share. Hug each other for Spirit of Hope – lots of hugs and much peace too.
    Blessings, Betty

  11. Katy Miller

    Wow! There was never any doubt in our minds. Your tenacity, courage and resilience is amazing! Can’t wait to see the pictures! Katy and Greg

  12. Cass and John

    We wish we could join you. Congratulations and wishing you many blessings on your service. Cass and John

  13. David and Linda

    What a life-changing event! Congratulations, you two!!!

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