It was bound to happen. . . the trials of week 7.

It all started last Saturday when we were on the Marshutka to come home from our site visit in Batumi and Gonio.  გააჩერე !  Stop ! Tom has to up-chuck….not once but twice!  I thought we were in for 6 hours of misery but luckily no more stops were needed.  However, the week still had its health issues as Suzanne came down with the cold from hell and Tom’s stomach was ‘off’ until Friday.  We had the help of the excellent P C doctor who took great of our symptoms with meds and lots of good advice.  We both missed a day of class because of Stalin’s revenge  aka “the runs”.   As we write on Saturday night, Suzanne is still coughing a bit but Tom is good.

In language class we struggled with pre, post and prep…ositions!  In place of our prepositions, the Georgian language uses post positions and direction pre-verbs.  They are a joy to learn. So now we can come & go, go in and out, go over and go in all directions.  All of these use different verbs. We need more time to study but it seems impossible to find the time for it.    An added joy this week was that we received Book #2 of the Georgian Language Handbook.

The Good News is that in just four short weeks we will be sworn in as Peace Corps Volunteers and able to use that term proudly.  The ceremony will be here in Telavi with as many as 300 guests present including members of the State Dept., Peace Corps folks, new directors, host family members and current volunteers.  Tickets are at a premium so if you want to come, let us know asap.  🙂  Seriously though, the mood has changed dramatically with everyone just wanting to get going to their permanent site.

It’s Saturday night and we should be at a cafe or bar having a beer with friends but the sky just  opened and we are here chatting with our friends at home instead.  We wish we could send some of this rain to the fires in Colorado but hopefully they will get some soon.

The pictures for this entry are from a Supra we had with our ‘cluster’ mates on Saturday.  Each week we have a session on some aspect of the Georgian culture.  This week it was the “Supra”.  That is a  meal with traditional Georgian foods and lots of it!  Toasts are made in a very strict order by the Tamada who begins the process which then can be extended to others.  The food is endless.  What you see in the pictures is our attempt at making one of the most loved foods….ხინკალი Khinkali.  They are basically a dumpling with a filling of meat, potato, sour cream or mushroom.  They are cooked in boiling water and served hot. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “It was bound to happen. . . the trials of week 7.

  1. John and Cass

    Sorry you were both under the weather. And yes, Colorado could use some of your rain. We expect you to be expert dumpling makers by the end of your tour!

  2. Don Dickson

    Looks good; fresh milk; beer & friends; urping and running. Wow, what more can one ask for?
    Kath & Don

  3. Dan Montoya

    I am constantly amazed at the scope of your adventures. I envy you; however, I don’t think I could ever join the peace corp. My continued thoughts and prayers. I continue to live through you in this respect.
    Much love and Prayers,

    Dan Montoya

  4. Helen Marie Hurt

    The blog is wonderful! thanks for allowing us to share the journey through your eyes. I am in awe. love, prayers and blessings.

  5. Mary Romine

    I just keep reading about the traditions of where you are, and thinking on the traditions that we practice . . and realize that maybe we need more traditions in our life. Glad to hear you are feeling better, except for the pre, post and prep…ositions! Peace…

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