Week 5: Living through mid-term assessments

Week 5 is over and are we glad. This past week we had the usual daily classes as well as mid PST assessments. First there was the technical areas (for Tom: business) (for Suzanne: education). PC requires a 90% passing grade on these tests. Neither of us achieved that so we have re-answer the questions that we got wrong. It’s like being in school again but we get to retake the questions we missed. Then there was the interview with the PST Program Manager. We each met with Tengo (that’s him) and generally discussed how “things were goings”. Did we have any concerns and, if so, what were they. How were we doing with the language? You get the picture. Then came the final nail in the coffin….the individual 20 minute interview in Georgian. We stumbled our way through that and will receive some feedback as to our level at this point. Novice Low is what I expect and Tom agrees with that. You can probably guess that Friday night couldn’t come quick enough for most.

Today was a rare free day…not really. It was a “cultural trip” day when we could take a day trip or even an overnight in the country as long as we were back by Sunday at 7 PM….and Tbilisi was off limits! We decided to go to Tsinandali a village about 15 minutes our side of Telavi which has a beautiful museum and lovely surrounding park. The museum was very enlightening view of some of Georgia’s history in the late 19th and early.20th century. It was interesting to learn the connections of some of the aristocracy with that of other European countries and the connection at that time of Georgia with Russia. Sometimes it seems that not much has changed.

Tomorrow, Sunday 10 June 2012, we have another breather day but we will have to do some review of the material for our test retake on Monday.  We are also going through our things to repack two of our suitcases for our trip next week.  You will get more information about this trip in our next posting.  Here are some pictures of recent activities.

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8 thoughts on “Week 5: Living through mid-term assessments

  1. Mary Romine

    You both look wonderful and the part-weekend off is probably just what you needed after all the hard work you have been doing. I love that there are magnolia trees, yuccas and holly trees – I never would have suspected. Good luck on this next step and your retesting. I know you will be fine. Thanks for the peek into your grand adventure! Much love and prayers your way.

    • Thanks Mary, there are really so many unexpected things we have come across here, truly amazing. We hope to keep up on the blog as often as possible. Stay tuned for tomorrows edition.

  2. Patty and Dan Montoya

    Lovely pictures! Good luck on your testing this week. We miss you!

    • Thanks, All is well here. As for tests, you don’t fail, if you get to redo the questions over and over until you get them right or they get tired of giving them to you. 🙂

  3. Cass and John

    Glad you got a minute to yourselves! I hope the testing goes well — since I no longer can clearly communicate in English, I cannot imagine trying it in Georgian. We hope all is well and goes well with the testing. Of course if it does not, the Saturday night dinner slots here have not yet been filled…….Love to you both! Cass and John.

    • thanks, they don’t let you fail, if you miss a question or two you can retake it until you get it right or they get tired of giving it to you. 🙂

  4. Julie MacGregor

    Sue and Tom,
    Love the pictures and you both look so good. Can’t imagine getting tested in any language after only a few weeks – you are very brave! Love, Julie

  5. Jari & Greg

    You both have some great fortitude! The interview in Georgian had to be nerve-wracking. I’m glad you get to re-take the other test. I hope they do the same in Rwanda for us. We’re so happy for your permanent location! Awesome area.

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