Week two….2 people gone

It’s Saturday evening and our host family is downstairs preparing a “Supra” celebration for our host sister who turns 18 today. Supras are a big party with all day preparations of food and drink! The meal is served with continual layers of food….and drink. Since this is a girl party I’m not sure how that will progress. We’ll report at the next blog.

Our second week was possibly more exhausting than the first. The language classes are more difficult and folks are up late doing homework. Did we mention we have 4 hours of it 6 days a week? For the rest do the day those in education go to school and start their practicum with counterpart teachers. Those in business are learning about Georgian community based organizations and NGOs. They are also practicing with tools designed to assess their needs and develop programs to satisfy these needs. Both sections also require preparation.

We have eaten bread at every meal. Cheese is also put out at every meal but it is very salty as is a lot of the food. We eat VERY little meat. Tom & I have been buying bananas and apples to supplement our diets. We also bought some eggs this week and now will scramble some for breakfast. Our host family won’t let us do much …..not even put our dishes in the sink. Gender roles here are very different and we must respect them as we struggle to be “ourselves”. Today in our culture class someone said the gender roles here remind them of the U S back in the early 50s especially where the men are concerned. I’ve yet to see a male teacher in school. We do hear a lot about the Minister of Education and how he is pushing to change things. There are no organized sports in schools and most have outhouses.

The weather is getting hot and it is a humid climate so we are not looking forward to summer. This week we’ve had a few storms that were horrific with lightening and thunder. They have been thru the night and wake everyone up.

The title on this post may be misleading….we have lost 2 of our number who have found it necessary to go home. We wish them the best for the future.

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6 thoughts on “Week two….2 people gone

  1. Cass and John

    Wow– I can’t remember my words in English, much less trying to learn a new culture, language and alphabet. I was at a fundraiser this week (actually about 3, but I digress), and one did a non-verbal example of communicating: trying to arrange ourselves in order of birthdate (guess who was the oldest) without talking; picking our favorite animal without talking and then arranging by size; drawing a shape on the first person’s back who tries to do the same to the next person in the room, etc (like telephone, wihtout talking); thought I would throw that out to the teacher!
    Anyway, hang in there; it must be quite challenging. Hope you are having lots of laughs too.

  2. Jari & Greg

    Thanks for sharing your training experiences before we get to our training in Rwanda! Excellent details! Good reality check for us. The Supra sounds like a lot of fun.

  3. Dan and Patty

    So nice hearing from you. We miss you very much and think of you often. You are in our thoughts and prayers. You are doing God’s work and doing it all for you and
    SOH. Be good and be safe. (•_•)

  4. Linda and David

    Hi you two! Wow . . . so much “new-ness”! I think that we are probably having the easier adjustment! Things are fine at the house, and the lawn is looking good. We’ve put in some additional hebs, radishes, broccoli rabe, and radicchio, with plans to put in some squash, tomatoes, peppers, and pumpkins next weekend. Our piano is here, and that is wonderful! We think of you every day. We’ll catch up more through the blog. We wish you the best with language studies!

  5. Mary Ann Tarpey

    This is wonderful to vicariously experience your adventure! I admire you so much! The photos are great. I know it’s challenging, but, hang in there, it will get easier. The picture with the mountains reminds me of our Rockies. Stay well, keep on learnin.

    Mary Ann

  6. Mary Liz Ponnath

    Just received your blog info and have read all up to today. Mon 5-21-12. Mom and I are enjoying the travels. Thank you for doing this. God bless and keep the news coming !!

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