PST village placement selection.

Well we are in Telavi for the next 11 weeks. I will try to upload a video when the bandwidth improves!

Suzanne got a scare when the training director said they were trying a new plan and that the couples would be separated for PST. The look on my face must have been striking as he quickly said he was only joking. Everyone seemed to get a great laugh at my reaction as many of them told me afterward.

The level of excitement was very high at that point and all were ready to get on the buses and go to their homes. The ride was about 4 hours and we saw a lot of the countryside including some terrible road conditions and snow covered mountains in the distance which had some skiers very excited. When our bus arrived at its location all the host families were there to greet us with smiling faces. Each name was called out and the family ( or person) can forward to greet us with a warm kiss.

We are with a family of 4….Grandma, Mom, Nino girl age 17, and Zura a boy age 14. They live in a nice sized house but it is very disconnected, almost like parts of several houses put together.
The bathroom which consist of a toilet and shower is nice but you have to go outside to access it.
When we go upstairs to our room we pass thru a section that seems like it wasn’t part of the original building and that is where the stairs are located. Upstairs there is another bedroom and 2 other large rooms like sitting rooms. There is a lovely piano which Nino says she will play for us.
Tonight she is off to a very special party.

Nino was so excited when we arrived she was bubbling with chatter and wonderful manners.
I think it is likely that she convinced her Mom to have PC here. She speaks good English and wants to travel!

Time for study now and it’s raining. I hope it’s over by morning.

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One thought on “PST village placement selection.

  1. Margie Colpitts

    It was good to hear from the two of you. Glad all is going well and that “couples” are still together. We sure missed you at MJ today. My trip to North Carolina was good – really enjoyed the girls. Sounds like you have a good home. Will keep you in my prayers, Margie

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