On to PST (pre service training).

We spent three days at a training facility getting us familiar with what to expect during the next 11 weeks. Tonight, May 5th, we are packing for departure to our PST site and host family’s house. More to come, but we are not sure when we will have Internet connection to update….



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One thought on “On to PST (pre service training).

  1. Wanda

    Hey Sue and Tom, looks like you’re for this adventure. Enjoyed the cooking classes – the food resembles Polish pierogi and they are filled with practically the same ingredients. I’m sure the lanuage is difficult – not only the new rules but the different alphabet. It was interesting to see the town pictures and the archetecture. The look more European. After the Russians settled into Poland most of the eastern part of the country contained very ugly and poorly constructed concrete apartment buildings. When we were in Moscow last fall they had the same type of buildings but St. Petersburg still had beautiful residences. I was told that the people rebuilt a lot of the town from old pictures. The village pictures were definitely reminiscent of Prague and some German towns along the Danube. We have not enjoyed Budapest yet. How do you find their bread? I don’t think it resembles the brown of black bread of my grandmother. Enjoy your stay – what an experience!!

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